3 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant (even if it’s not us)

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

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These are statements I hear at nearly every new client consultation I have. Busy entrepreneurs with great ideas who are just too tired, confused or uneducated to make magic happen. Their businesses are successful but growth has stalled. Technology has moved past them at an unimaginable pace.

Does this sound like you? If that wasn’t convincing enough, here are three great reasons to hire a virtual assistant, even if it’s not us.

Reason #1 Time

A good virtual assistant will help you leverage your time. Are you great at sales but terrible with social media? Find a social media specialist and delegate those tasks to them. Spend your valuable time on things you’re good at and leave the rest to your VA. If you find delegation difficult, try making a list of 10 things you wish you could delegate. Then choose 1-2 that you’re willing to give up to your VA. This will allow your VA to build trust and over time, you’ll feel more comfortable handing over the reins.

Reason #2 Money

You might be asking why a virtual assistant is better than an in-office assistant. The answer is overhead and time worked. A virtual assistant maintains their own office space, computer equipment and software. That means you can have top-notch service, without the overhead of providing those things for someone who works in your office. Also, a virtual assistant bills for actual time worked, not a salary. This means no more paying an in-office assistant to peruse Facebook or make personal calls during work hours.

Reason #3 Options

When you hire an in-office assistant, you’re generally limited to people living in your geographical area. Unless someone is willing to commute or relocate, this really limits your options. With a virtual assistant, you have the option to hire from anywhere in the world. This makes it much easier to find a great fit and someone who has exactly the skills you’re looking for. Buyer beware! Just because a virtual assistant is inexpensive to hire doesn’t mean they aren’t expensive to work with. The cost of having to re-do a project yourself or hiring another VA to re-do it for you can cost more in the long run.

When you’re ready to hire a VA, start with these five questions and then give us a call. Let’s see how we can help you grow your business.

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