5 Ways a VA Can Help Your Business


Do you need help in your small business?


Administrative Support GroupAre you drowning in administrative tasks, struggling to keep up with your marketing efforts and finding little to no time to reach out to new customers? Partnering with a virtual assistant from ASG can add hours to your week and save you money. Here are the top five ways a VA can help your business grow.

#1 Your virtual assistant can track leads and set up campaigns. Whether you use sophisticated applications or an excel spreadsheet, your VA can track your leads, their source, their status and keep a count for you. This helps you see which of your marketing efforts are producing the warm and hot leads that drive your business. Your VA can also create and maintain your long term drip campaigns to keep your name in front of those leads.

#2 Your virtual assistant can monitor your inbox and send quick responses to incoming inquiries and leads. Studies show less than 40% of companies respond to leads within one hour. Imagine the business you could build if you’re in that 40% and your leads get an immediate response to their inquiry.

#3 Your virtual assistant can take care of website maintenance including security updates, content additions/edits and comment moderation. Some VAs even provide blogging and content writing services.

#4 Your virtual assistant can manage your social media marketing strategy and help grow your list. Be careful! Using a VA to manage every aspect of your social media marketing can actually detract from your online reputation if you, the business owner, aren’t engaging with your own customers on social media. Social media isn’t set it and forget it. It’s set it and forget it PLUS personal engagement.

#5 Your virtual assistant can create and distribute your digital or print newsletter. Programs like Constant Contact and MailChimp make it easy for companies to distribute digital newsletters and this is a task easily delegated to a VA.

Are you ready to take the leap and hire a VA? Check out our free guide, “5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A VA” and then give us a call. We’re ready to help you grow your business.

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