Meet the Team

Administrative Support Group is pleased to work with only the best of the best from around the globe.

Owner, Jenifer De La Garza

Jenifer De La GarzaOur founder, Jenifer De La Garza is a mom of six in Phoenix, Arizona. She somehow balances running a business and homeschooling her children with her responsibilities as a wife and mom, and somehow squeezes in her hobbies now and then.

She opened ASG in 2006 as a way to earn some extra money while staying home with the kids. Her dream was to build a business that would allow her to continue homeschooling her kids while keeping her own skills up to par. Along the way, Jenifer has taught herself WordPress web design, including HTML and CSS, as well as internet marketing and real estate support.

In her spare time, Jenifer enjoys watercolor painting and quilting.

Data Entry and BPO Specialist, Praveen Kumar

Praveen KumarPraveen Kumar is our rock star Data Entry Specialist and BPO Expert. Praveen lives in Coimbatore India and specializes in BPOs for real estate teams. He is also a data entry pro, specializing in excel spreadsheets and database management and has been working with ASG since 2013.

In his free time, Praveen enjoys traveling, drawing and reading.

Graphic Designer, Tina Thelen

Tina ThelenTina is a photographer and graphic designer, specializing in logo design, and macro and nature photography. Tina lives in Indiana and has been working with ASG for 5 years.

In her spare time Tina likes taking photos and spending time with her grandson.

Freelance Writer, Sam Sandoval

Sam SandovalSam Sandoval, a fledgling freelance writer, has had a love for reading and writing since she was young. Armed with a colorful vocabulary, a hope to entertain, and the love to create, she hopes to use these skills for ASG.

When she’s not writing, Sam spends her time creating comics, reading comics, sewing, and studying various art forms.

Administrative Assistant, Lori De La Garza

Lori De La GarzaKeeping it in the family, Lori works in the home office, directly assisting Jenifer with administrative tasks and other work. Lori has been working side by side with Jenifer since she was about 14 and will be graduating next year.

In her spare time, Lori likes reading, learning Hangul and listening to music.

Desktop Publisher and Graphic Designer, Kate De La Garza

Kate De La GarzaKate has been working freelance for the company since 2013, helping with administrative tasks and real estate marketing. But her true passion is art! Kate is beefing up her graphic design and desktop publishing skills to serve our clients in these areas.

When she’s not working her part time job at Amazon, Kate loves to draw.