Monthly Marketing Challenge – December 2017

Monthly Marketing Challenge – December 2017

Activity Day 1 – Describe your perfect client. Who are they? What do they like to do? What traits do they have (organized, happy, serious). What kind of job do they have?
Write it down! You’ll be using this for future activities!

Share your description with the group!

Activity Day 2 – Brainstorm a “Benefits List” outlining the benefits your customers will receive when using your product or service.

Write it down! You’ll be using this for future activities!

Feel free to share your list with the group!

Activity Day 3 – Make a list of 10 articles or blog posts you can share with your audience. These should be written by authoritative figures in your industry or market and should NOT link back to you in any way.

Activity Day 4 – Seek out one speaking opportunity and pitch yourself. This can be a podcast, guest blog post, networking event or workshop. It doesn’t have to be verbal speaking, it can be written communication as well.

When you get “booked” let us know so we can follow along.

Activity Day 5 – Request a review or testimonial from someone you’ve worked with in the past and publish it. Some options include LinkedIn Recommendations, Google Reviews, a Testimonial on your website or a Facebook review for your business page.

Share the link in the comments below.

Activity Day 6 – Produce one creative marketing promotion and share it via social media (custom graphic, audio or video). Don’t forget to share it with us.

Canva has lots of great ideas AND it’s FREE!

Activity Day 7 – Choose a product or service you use and write a review for it. This will be used later for a blog or social media post.

Activity Day 8 – Write a blog or social media post sharing your benefits list from last week. Share it in the comments below.

Activity Day 9 – List love! Do you have an email list that’s been neglected? It’s time to reconnect and show your lost some love. Send a newsletter or email with your favorite resource, tip or tool.

Activity Day 10 – Post your review from Day 7 and share a link to it here. It can be in the form of a blog post, social media post or on a review site like Capterra, Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Activity Day 11 – Create your Pink Spoon Offer (A pink spoon offer is something of value that you give away to entice your customers to take further action.)

Activity Day 12 – There are only 2 weeks left in 2017. What?!

Create a holiday email and schedule it to be sent on the appropriate date.

Activity Day 13 – Today is catch up day! While we typically use Saturday and Sunday as catch up days for the challenge, this coming weekend is big holiday weekend for many. So instead, use some of the time you might have today to catch up on the marketing challenge tasks that has occurred so far. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

Activity Day 14 – Create a poll or survey asking your audience what items they are struggling with the most in their business. You’ll use the results in a future activity.

Some options to create a survey might be:
Survey Monkey
Facebook Poll

Activity Day 15 – Using the results from your survey/poll (Day 14), create a blog post, video tutorial, or eNewsletter feature that provides a solution to the top pain point provided by survey participants.

Bonus Activity: Create a new service that directly addresses your audience problem.

Activity Day 16 – It’s time to broaden your network! Join a Facebook group where your ideal clients might hang out. Once there, look for questions you can answer or topics you can chime in on and do so.

Bonus Activity: Seek out some local networking meetups and attend a meeting.

Activity Day 17 – Create a 2018 Marketing Plan. Don’t over complicate it. Choose one thing you can use each month to reach out to your list. It can be a holiday, a sales special or anything you want.

Put those 12 things on a calendar. When you have free time, you can create and preschedule your 12 things.

Activity Day 18 – Brainstorm 3 BIG goals for 2018 and WRITE THEM DOWN! If you’re feeling brave, share them with the group.