Spring Cleaning for Your Business

9 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Office

Spring cleaning isn’t just for home! It’s also important to do some tidying up around your office. Whether you work from a brick and mortar office or a home office, these tips will help you stay organized and ready to do business! I’ve highlighted some tips for de-cluttering your office. What tips or tricks do you have for staying organized?

All the Things

  • Take down curtains or blinds and give them a fresh cleaning
  • Fill your stapler and paper clip holder
  • File loose business cards or scan them into your computer
  • Clear out all drawers and wipe down all surfaces
  • Look through your bookshelf and donate books you don’t plan to read again
  • Clean out your file cabinets and archive old documents
  • Shred unneeded papers and use the shred in your garden as an earth-friendly mulch
  • Throw away old magazines and last year’s calendar
  • Reorganize wires under your desk and get rid of any you aren’t using anymore
  • Open your computer case and clear out the dust and ensure all fans are still running

Digital Cleanup

  • Clean out your email inbox using folders and filters
  • Sort images (we all have a photo dump folder from our phone downloads, right?)
  • Go through your contacts and delete anyone no longer relevant, update the rest
  • Delete unused programs on your computer
  • Go through social media connections and cull the list
  • Backup your files after you’ve deleted unwanted items
  • Run these same cleanups on your smart phone and laptop

It’s helpful to repeat these steps quarterly or at least twice per year. What do you do to keep your office neat and tidy? Share your office organization tips and tricks in the comments below!

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