The results are in!

The Results Are In!

We sent out an informal survey at the beginning of June and we are pleased to share the results with you now.

Do you have an in-office assistant?

Our first question focused on working with an in-office assistant. No char needed here. 100% of respondents do not work with an in-office assistant. This is likely due to the fact that most of our clients are small business owners like real estate agents, coaches and professional bloggers.

Have you ever worked with a VA?

Question 2 focused on whether or not a respondent had worked with a virtual assistant in the past. We were surprised by this result, mostly because we had hoped more of our own clients would have pitched in to help with the survey, and all of them are currently working with a VA. Does this mean we aren’t doing a good job of educating our clients on what a Virtual Assistant is? Is this a vocabulary issue or lack of participation? Still, surprising how few small businesses have made the decision to partner with a virtual assistant.

Worked with a VA

How many hours do you spend per week working on marketing your business?

Question 3 asked how many hours were spent per week marketing your business. Here’s our takeaway, you are spending a LOT Of time marketing. Partnering with your virtual assistant allows you to get the same amount of marketing done for your business, without bogging down your schedule with these activities.

Hours spent marketing

Do you have a website for your business?

Question 4 asked if you had a website for your business. I’m glad to see so many business owners have taken this important step to market their businesses online. If you need a website for your business, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Business website

Who manages your business website?

Our 5th question asked about website management. This is another one of those tasks easily sourced to a virtual assistant. Our design team can handle your website maintenance, graphics and even content writing.

Website management

If you could delegate one task on a regular basis, what would it be?

Question 5 asked about tasks you wish you could delegate to someone else. It’s not surprising to see these tasks made the top of the list:

  • Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Social Media
  • Website management

We appreciate your input in our survey. This data helps us build service packages that make sense for small businesses. How can make your day better? Give us a call. (602) 695.8956

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