The Value of Time

value of time

In this tough economic market, credibility can go a long way.  It can mean the difference between securing that new client or not.  It’s important to follow some basic rules of engagement when marketing to potential clients.  This post was inspired by the following letter received by one of my clients via email.  I’m pretty sure it’s just spam but it fits my example so I’m sharing it with you.   Contact info has been changed to protect the privacy of my client and also the dignity of the person who sent this email.

Hi John,

I know you place tremendous value on your time so I’ll be brief.

I came across your site,, and it was obvious that you’ve poured a lot of time and effort into building your business to where it is today. However, I have also noticed that your internet search positions are very low for some very profitable keywords in Google and the other major search engines. As you most probably know by now, top internet positions are an extremely effective way to help customers who are looking for products / services, like yours, to find you instead of your competitors.

In doing my research, I found and searched several quality keywords (associated with particular locations that may be relavent to you, including Anywhere, USA) in all the major search engines including Google that have good traffic volumes and can bring you more customers. For each of the different key phrases (I only focused on key phrases with good search traffic volumes), I found you ranking outside of the first page. In fact, in most instances, you were nowhere near the first page of Google or any of the other major search engines.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the biggest challenge most business owners face is fishing for prospects. There is no reason why your business should not be on the front page of Google and the other major search engines for these high traffic key phrases.

We have a system that could potentially bring you hungry customers searching for your product / service and being driven to your website without you having to spend hour after hour on the phone, cold calling your way through the phone book getting rejection after rejection.
Every day there are over 250 million people online; Google services over 7.5 Billion searches every month, if your website is not getting top rankings it is simply getting lost amongst the millions of competitors sites on the internet.

Premium organic (left hand side) rankings driving qualified customers to your website are one of the most effective forms of marketing. These are people who are already searching for the products you offer.  I’m talking about being able to get rankings that will steadily increase your profits over time, and doing all the things the search engines love on a steady and consistent basis to produce the results you are looking for.
I’d like to invite you to use our system so that you can stop fishing for prospects, battling voice mail – and make your customers chase you instead.

Plug your business into our step-by-step proven system that will deliver more new customers to your website, no matter what industry you’re in.

What our company does is unique, and critical in getting top rankings. Not to mention the profits that come with it….
We have a very simple method to show you results in a way that doesn’t force long term commitments or excessive risk, you’ll never have to guess whether this is something that will work for you or not. If you don’t see the results you are looking for within a few short months, you simply cancel and move on – this is how confident we are in our ability to secure first page rankings for your business, and our ability to further defend those top rankings in the search engines over time.

I work with a limited number of businesses in each industry to ensure there is no conflict of interest. I have written to others, however you’re definitely one that I feel could benefit from what we do and I am confident that we have the ability of delivering the type of high quality leads that you have been looking for.

There is no reason why you should be missing out on all the profits top rankings can bring you.

I understand that you, like me, are busy running your business. However, if you are interested in working together to get your product in front of more interested highly qualified customers than ever before, or you would just like to know how increasing your search engine rankings will increase sales and revenues then pick up the phone and call me on 555-555-1212, now. Alternatively, I will be more then happy to call you with your permission. I have your number as 555-555-1212. Is it ok if I give you a call?

I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss how easily we can work together.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dedicated to your Success,

Marketing Expert NOT
Waste of my Time Co.
Phone:   555-555-1212
Mobile:  555-555-1212
Email:   badmarketing@Idon’
Website: www.Idon’

If we aren’t able to be of further assistance in bringing you more leads, sales and profits to your business, please click the following link to unsubscribe from receiving future emails from Waste of my Time Co. to this email address:


Still with me?  Let me show you the very first sentence in his letter, just in case you’ve forgotten after all that reading.  The very first line reads

“I know you place tremendous value on your time so I’ll be brief.”  

Since when is 828 words brief?  This man had a great idea to begin with.  He knew to start his letter with placing value on his potential client’s time, but then he didn’t follow through.  This is a huge mistake and if you are making this mistake STOP!  It is unprofessional.  Be brief.  Say it AND mean it.  Had I not been looking for an example piece for my blog post I would not even have taken the time to read this email.  If you have a quality product, market it and the clients will come.  Don’t be deceptive, just say what you mean and mean what you say.  Happy marketing!

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